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Course Details

Internship/Training program on Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Learning Outcomes: After completing this program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the concepts of refrigeration and air conditioning, type of HVAC systems and components.
• Perform brazing of copper tubes, ducting in air conditioning systems, and leak testing and gas charging.
• Install different types of the refrigeration and air conditioning systems, fault finding and their servicing.
• Work safely following health and safety standards: Understand the safety rules, Government byelaws and environmental protection regulations, identify job–site hazards and follow safe habits in workplace.

Course Description

• MSDC overview, familiarization with other related skill centers.
• Introduction to refrigeration, psychrometry and air conditioning, types of HVAC systems and refrigerants.
• Components of AC systems such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, and refrigerant controls and understand their working principle.
• Sheet metal working and brazing related to refrigeration and air conditioning systems, gas charging, leak testing, diagnosis & remedial measures in Refrigerator (Direct cool), Frost-free refrigerator and Inverter technology Refrigerator.
• Installation and commissioning of window AC, split A.C, Inverter split A.C, package A.C and VRF / VRV systems.
• Testing, fault finding and servicing of all HVAC system components such as blowers & fans, insulation of ducts, cleaning and fixing of air filters.
• Mini project work/ Industrial visit/ In plant training at the end of training program.
• Understand the safety rules of equipment, tools and instrument, Government byelaws and environmental protection regulations, identify job–site hazards and follow safe habits in workplace.
• Preparing internship/training report and presentation which include: On job training received from week 1- 4 including project work.

Upon successful assessment of internship/training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate by MSDC.

Your Instructors

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