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Robotics skills

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STTP-2 Robotics

Autofina Center of Excellence in Industrial Robotics Lab

Lab is equipped with the following state of the art robots:

a) Spray Painting:
The industrial spray-painting cell, designed to teach students and industry professionals the techniques for smooth and even finishes of paint using robots.

b) Spot welding:
Spot welding robot utilized for joining diverse sheet metal items and battery cells. The robots here are used to teach students the basics of EV battery cell manufacturing.

c) Multi Application robot:
Industrial Gluing, Logistics Parcel Sorting, Coloured Part Sorting, Box Palletising, Part Material Sensing, Magnetic Pick and Place, Voice Command,Industrial Spraying

d) Autofina Industrial Robot for Voice Command, Colour Sensing, Material Sensing, Vacuum Gripping, 2D Path Following, Magnetic Pick-and-Place

e) Bare Robot:
Bare Autofina five axis industrial articulated robotic arm, fully operational, for learning internal mechanism of the robots, including sensors, motors, gears and pullies.




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