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PCB design and Prototyping

PCB Design & Prototyping Studio

Here, design, fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) involving machining of PCBs, component laying & fixing, soldering & trainees will be able to produce, industry standard PCBs.

Facilities available in PCB making:
1) PCB Shearing machine: Cutting standard PCB 1000X1200 mm into required size 300X300 mm
2) CNC machine: Drilling on PCB
3) Sander Machine: Deburr the hole after drilling and cutting
4) Printing Table: Printing on PCB
5) Brushing machine: To clean PCB, to avoid prints on it, at the time of masking
6) Oven: To make PCB dry after printing
7) Roller Tinning machine: To cover the coating layer on PCB tinning is done
8) V Grooving machine: In case of multiple PCBs are design in matrix form, then V grooving machine is used to de-panel the PCBs
9) Screen Exposure: For screen exposure
10) Design Tools: CAD, Proteas, Autodesk & Eagle

Facilities available in PCB component assembly:
1) Manual Stencil Printing: To paste the solder on the PCB
2) SMT mounting machine: For high speed pick & placing of components on PCB
3) Conveyor Reflow machine: For heating the solder




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