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Electric vehicle skills

Electric Vehicles Lab

In line with the green environment policy, the government is encouraging use of electric vehicles, when compared to fossil fuel-based vehicles. The MSDC-CADD Center EV Lab is a stet-of-the-art Center of Excellence in Electrical Vehicle Technology covering both two wheelers and four wheeletrs. It will provide detailed guidance and training in EV technology through short term and long-term training programs in understanding, design, assembly & maintenance of electric vehicles. These programs are aligned with NSDC qualification packs.

Subjects covered in the practical classes:
A) Electric Vehicle Technology:
• Vehicle Dynamics
• Propulsion Systems
• Electric Motors
• Regenerative Braking
• Mechanical Transmission
• Energy Source: Batteries / Fuel Cells
• Energy Management System
• Auxiliary Systems and Sensors
• Introduction to mathematical model design

B) EV Battery & Operations:
• Introduction to Energy System and Batteries
• Materials used in EV batteries
• Battery design and manufacturing
• 3D Modelling of battery pack using CAD application
• Packaging and Safety
• Charge and Discharge Architecture
• Battery Management System
• System integration basics
• SMART Battery and HIL




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