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Course Details

Internship / Industrial Training on Robotics

Learning Outcomes: After completing this industrial internship/training, participants will be able to:
• Understand components and movements of robot and navigate it to the destination point manually.
• Write programs for Industrial Robots to perform applications such as Pick and place, Part sorting, 2D Path following, Gluing, Spot welding and Spray Painting.
• Test the programs and independently operate Industrial Robot for various applications.
• Work safely following health and safety standards: Understand the safety signs and instructions on the Robots, identify job–site hazards and apply good housekeeping practices etc.

Course Description

On Job Training (OJT):

  • MSDC overview, familiarization with other related skill centers.
  • Industrial Robotics – Overview, Robot Anatomy and Configurations.
  • Robot Specification – Work Volume, Accuracy, Precision, Repeatability, etc
  • Robot Drive and control systems.
  • Assembling and Dismantling of the Robotic arm.
  • Demonstration of the Robot movements.
  • Robot end effectors, fixtures, types of sensors.
  • Machine Vision system in Industrial Robotics.
  • Methods of Robot Programming.
  • Robot specifications, Components and Control Panel.
  • Safety precautions before Switching ON the Robot.
  • Working of Teach Pendant.
  • Logging in Operator mode, types of Operation mode.
  • Pre-Homing and Homing of Industrial Robots.
  • Executing tutorial programs in Operator mode.
  • Health safety and environmental regulations at work place, safety signs and instructions associated with equipment/machines and operations.
  • Identify Job site hazards – tools, revolving and moving parts and naked wires etc.
  • Use of fire extinguishers, safe working practices and good housekeeping practices to prevent accident at work place and use of PPE.

On Job Training (OJT) and project work continued:

  • Robot Application in Manufacturing
  • Material transfer and Loading and Unloading.
  • Various Process operations
  • Assembly and Inspection.
  • Executing programs in Operator mode.
  • Develop program for various industrial applications of Robot, its testing and execution
  • Project work on programming and operation of industrial robot.
  • Preparing report and presentation which include: organization profile and the OJT received from week 1- 4 including project work.

Upon successful assessment of internship/training, the participants will be awarded with a certificate  by MSDC.

Your Instructors

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