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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Lab

Automation is the key for mass producing industries. Here training will be given, after establishing industrial automation systems such as Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), IOT enabled Pneumatics & Hydraulic Systems, PLC Trainer kit, PLC controlled bottling plant, , multi-story elevator.

Flexible Manufacturing System:

A Flexible Manufacturing System / Modular Manufacturing System offers a complete production process from material feeding, integrated manufacturing like drilling, inspection, sorting based on drilled depth inspection, metal & non- metal sorting and sorting based on metal colours. It is ideally suitable for teach-ing PLC programming and visualization, as well as for commissioning and troubleshooting of automated industrial Mechatronics systems.
This helps the student to visualize the real-time working of the, Consist of Seven Stations.
Auto Feeding Station (VFD enabled)

  • Drilling Station
  • Drill inspection station
  • Sorting based on the Drill inspection result
  • Metal Non-Metal Sorting
  • Colour Sorting
  • Robot Integration

IOT, PLC & Manual based Electro Pneumatic System:

Using this trainer system, principles of manual, electro, PLC & IOT controlled pneumatics control can be understood. Trainees will be able to rig up 10 nos. of experiments.

IOT, PLC & Manual based Electro Hydraulic System:

  • Complete Flexibility in PLC operation
  • Simulation Mode
  • Online Simulation of electro Hydraulic circuits
  • Dynamic Ladder Diagram Updation
  • Online simulation and updation of PLC Programs
  • Completely controlled through computer / software
  • Compatible with major PLC brands PLC
  • Aluminum Alloy mounting panel for quick mounting and dismounting
  • Hydraulic components from Reputed brands
  • Hydraulic System Test pressure of 20 Bar and continuous operating pressure of 10 Bar

Siemens / Mitsubushi PLC Trainer Kit Module:

PLC Programming Trainer Kit is a programmable controller that combines high performance inputs & outputs system with simulation tools for easy use for those who are introducing for the first time to the world of PLC. PLC Programming Trainer kit gives an idea regarding the basics of programming Logic Controllers & its applications.
SVR-PLC Trainer Kit is a versatile training system. It is a unique modified version of an in-dustrial PLC. It is designed in a manner to provide best training in a cost – effective manner.

Bottle Filling Plant:

Bottle Filling Plant setup consists of
• Geared Induction motor, with a Rotating conveyor.
• A proximity switches to detect moving object.
• Digital Counter
• Control Panel for PLC Interface
• Mounted on a sturdy MS frame with powder coating
• Auto bottle Filling
• Understanding empty bottles
• Sequencing of bottles
• Counting mechanism

Elevator Lift (Ground + 4 floor):

The industry model Elevator with 3 floors simulates a lift facility which comes in operation e. g. in multilevel factory buildings with all essential safety and function equipment. The elevator consists of a lift cage with belt drive, a hoist way and three floor units, each one containing a pneumatic driven sliding door, call buttons and colored control lamps to indicate the moving direction of the cage. In addition to this there is a control panel, realizing the operating options from inside the cage. In essence, these are selection buttons to choose a floor, an alarm button, an emergency stop and the ability to choose a mode of operation, where the lift is controlled exclusively from outside the cage.

The simulated process shows the elevator being brought from a basic position to one of the floors, by operating the control panel or one of the call buttons, and after opening and closing the sliding door being ready for the next sequence: After operation one of the call buttons, indicated by a signal lamp, the cage is brought in a slow-fast-slow-movement, being controlled by mechanical switches depending on the distance, to the chosen floor.
The sliding door gets opened and remains open, until the programmed loading time is over. A one way light barrier controls the entrance to prevent, in a real case persons or things that are in the danger zone of the door, from getting hurt. After closing the sliding door, the cage gets moved to the next chosen floor, where the sequence of opening and closing the sliding door.




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