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Course Details

Master’s Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design

Learning Outcomes: After completing this course the graduates will be able to:
• Plan and execute interior design projects across various contexts and scales.
• Design and modeling of 3D objects using CAD software.
• Apply the principles of spatial planning, ergonomics and human factors, in creating interior environments to enhance user experience and well-being.
• Implement sustainable design principles, green building practices, and environmental regulations in interior architecture and design projects.
• Understand professional ethics, codes of conduct, and legal responsibilities governing the practice of interior architecture and design.
• Present a comprehensive portfolio showcasing a range of design projects demonstrating creativity, innovation, and expertise.

Course Description

  • Introduction and scope of Interior Design.
  • Design and drawing of following topics using traditional means and CAD software.
  • Lettering, Forms, Shapes, Texture and Light
  • Dimensioning – Types and notation of dimensioning of geometrical drawing (Lines, Angles, Circles)
  • Units of Measurement – Metric Scales, Feet and inches scale
  • Design Principles, spatial planning and human dimensions.
  • Colour – Terminology, Colour wheel, Colour theory, Psychology
  • Freehand drawing of simple objects.
  • Orthographic projections – Plan, Elevation and Sectional views of complex objects.
  • Isometric views of furniture and related interior objects.
  • House plan – Draw a wall cross-section
  • Building materials – types and their properties used in brick masonry.
  • Tiles, cement – properties, varieties and uses
  • Concrete and paints – properties, varieties and uses
  • Wood – properties, varieties and uses
  • Carpentry – different Joints and uses, Bricks bonds and types
  • Glass – properties, varieties and uses
  • Metals and Gypsum – properties, varieties and uses
  • Design and draw structural components such as window, door, walls, ceiling, arches, lintels, floors, Staircase using CAD software.

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